The Brig Amity

Located in Albany City in the Albany Region of WA
The Brig Amity Replica - Panoramic Photograph

The Brig Amity is a replica of the original vessel which brought the first white settlers to Albany.

Open to the public, for a small entrance fee you can roam above decks and explore below deck to see how the crew members lived during their journey from Sydney across the Great Australian Bight, finally arriving in Western Australia for the first time.

The Replica was built in 1975 and is placed a few hundred metres from where Major Edmund Lockyer and the party of forty-five arrived on the shores of Princess Royal Harbour on Christmas Day 1826, officially being the first people to land and settle in WA.

The Brig Amity Replica, Albany, Western Australia

The Brig Amity Replica
Princess Royal Drive
Albany, Western Australia


Climb aboard!

This replica is an amazing opportunity to see what life on the Amity was like for those first arrivals. The Amity is a living piece of Albany's unique history and heritage.

Located conveniently close to Albany City Centre. Visit the Map of Albany to see how easy it is to get here. Drive along Princess Royal Harbour foreshore and you'll be sure to spot the Amity just west of the Albany Entertainment Centre and foreshore.

Brig amity mast
Aboard the Brig Amity Replica - Panoramic Photograph
The Brig Amity Figurehead

Major Lockyer set up a millitary garrison at King George Sound, which is now named Albany, Western Australia.

The Amity continued on her journey from there, supplying another new colony along the Swan River (now Fremantle and Perth).

On 18 June 1845 the Amity was wrecked off Northern Tasmania but her legacy remains.

The Brig Amity Figurehead
Brig amity full ship

Learn, touch, imagine.

The best thing is the incredible facts and life experiences that you learn as you stroll the decks. The audio Guided Tour is informative and highly recommended.

The sign at the Amity reads:

"This is a full size replica of the Brig Amity, the ship which carried the party which established the first British settlement in Western Australia. This party, under the command of Major Edmund Lockyer, landed near this spot on December 26th 1826.

The original Amity was completed in New Brunswick, Canada in 1816. After some years as a trader she sailed to Hobart and in 1824 was bought by the colonial government in Sydney to assist in supply and exploration.

She was important in the establishment of settlements at Moreton Bay, Queensland and King George Sound, Western Australia.

The Amity was wrecked of Flinders Island on June 18th, 1845."

Brig Amity Wheel and Helm

Explore all areas of the ship above and below decks.

Visiting the Brig Amity Replica is a delight for all ages.

An exploration of the Amity is an adventure no matter what your age. Children particularly enjoy visiting the Amity as there are several decks to explore. Some areas are quite low, just the perfect size for children.

Brig Amity is Child Friendly!
Officer's Quarters of the Brig Amity, Albany

Below decks aboard the Amity

The interior of the ship is just as it would have been during the voyage to Western Australia... except the ship is still rather than bobbing around on the ocean!

Climbing around the inside of this vessel brought home to us in a tangible way what the voyagers must have experienced bobbing about on the sea. Visiting the Bring Amity is always a great learning experience for us all.

The hull of the Brig Amity Replica
The hull of the Brig Amity Replica
The hull of the Brig Amity Replica
In the Belly of the Brig Amity
In the Belly of the Brig Amity
Hammocks swinging in the Ship, the Brig Amity
The Brig Amity rudder
Major Edmund Lockyer, Captain of the Brig Amity

Major Lockyer, Captain

The Brig Amity rudder
The Brig Amity Replica - Panoramic Photograph

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