Travel To and From Albany WA:

Albany is a flourishing city Located on the south coast of Western Australia, otherwise known as the Rainbow Coast.


By Air:

Albany is well-connected by air, and the quickest way to reach the city is by flying into Albany Airport (ALH). Regional Express Airlines (Rex) operates regular flights between Perth and Albany Airport, offering a fast and convenient option for travellers.

Rex is a national independent regional airline in Australia that operates in various regional areas.

Website: Regional Express Airlines (Rex)

Customer Service Phone Number: +61 2 6393 5550

Albany WA Air Travel

By Road:

Driving is a popular way to reach Albany, and you can take the Albany Highway from Perth. The journey covers a distance of approximately 418 kilometres (260 miles) and offers the chance to enjoy the scenic landscapes of Western Australia.

By Bus:

Several coach services operate between Perth and Albany, providing a comfortable and convenient transportation option for those who prefer not to drive. These services offer an alternative to driving yourself.

On a Tour or Charter:

Organised tours and charters might offer transportation to Albany as part of a travel package. These options can provide guided experiences and insights into the region's attractions. In summary, you can reach Albany by air, road, coach services, or as part of organiseds tours and charters, allowing you to explore the beauty of Western Australia in different ways.

Albany Wind Farm Albany Wind Farm

Flights from Albany to Perth:

Book a flight from the eastern state you're starting in (e.g., Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) to Perth Airport (PER), which is the main airport in Western Australia. There are several airlines that operate flights between major eastern cities and Perth.

Perth Airport comprises two international terminals (T1 and T3) and four domestic terminals (T1, T2, T3 and T4) as well as a General Aviation precinct. It offers various facilities and services, including free WiFi, baggage storage, child-friendly areas, and a variety of shopping outlets. Terminals 1 and 2 are in one precinct, while Terminals 3, 4, and General Aviation are in another precinct, separated by a 10-minute drive. A free, accessible terminal transfer bus is available for passengers transferring between terminals. There is 1-hour free parking in LongTerm and Regional parking areas for pick-up purposes.

Perth Airport - Website: - Phone:(08) 9478 8888
Airport Maps: Airport Maps

Perth Domestic Airport (T1):

  • Airnorth (TL)- Website: - Phone: 1800 627 474
  • Alliance Airlines (QQ) - Website: - Email:
  • Aviair (GD)- Website: - Phone: (08) 9166 9300 - (Scheduled and Charter flights)
  • Jetstar Airways (JQ) - Website: - Phone: 13 15 38
  • Nexus Airlines (NXU)- Website: - Phone: (08) 6155 4500
  • Qantas (QF) (Domestic Flights) - Website: - Phone: 13 13 13
  • Regional Express (REX) - Website: - Phone: 13 17 13
  • Scoot Airlines (TR) - Website: - Phone: +61 (02) 9009 0860
  • Tigerair Australia (TT) (now part of Virgin Australia) - Website: - Phone: 13 13 13

Perth International Airport (PER):

  • Air Asia (AK)- Website: - Phone: +61238138388
  • Air Mauritius (MK) - Website: - Phone: Not available (Please check the website for contact information)
  • All Nippon Airways (NH) - Website: - Phone: +81 3 6741 1120
  • Ana - Website: - Phone: 1800 081 765
  • Batik Air (ID) - Website: - Phone: Not available (Please check the website for contact information)
  • Cathay Pacific (CX) - Website: - Phone: 13 17 23
  • China Southern Airlines (CZ) - Website: - Phone: +86 400 869 5539
  • Citilink (QG) - Website: - Phone: 1300 781 747
  • Emirates (EK) - Website: - Phone: 1300 303 777
  • Etihad Airlines (EY) - Website: - Phone: [Contact Us Link]
  • Garuda Airlines (GA) - Website: - Phone: +61 8 9214 5100
  • Jetstar Airways (JQ) - Website: - Phone: 13 15 38 (within Australia)
  • Malaysia Airlines (MH) - Website: - Phone: 13 26 27 (within Australia)
  • Malindo Air (OD) - Website: - Phone: +61 280 730 133
  • Philippine Airlines (PR) - Website: - Phone: 13 21 77 (within Australia)
  • Qatar Airways (QR) - Website: - Phone: 1300 340 600
  • Qantas (QF) - Website: - Phone: 13 13 13
  • Regional Express Airlines (ZL) - Website: - Phone: 13 17 13 (within Australia)
  • Singapore Airlines (SQ) - Website: - Phone: 13 10 11
  • South African Airways (SA) - Website: - Phone: 1300 435 972
  • Thai Airways (TG) - Website: - Phone: +66 2356 1111
  • Virgin Australia (VA) - Website: - Phone: 13 67 89

Please note that these codes and details are subject to change, and it's always a good idea to verify them with the respective airlines or airline industry sources for the most up-to-date information.

Transport from Perth to Albany:

Once you arrive in Perth, you have several options to reach Albany:

  • Domestic Flight: You can take a domestic flight from Perth Airport to Albany Airport (ALH) using airlines like Regional Express Airlines (Rex). This is the quickest option.
  • Road Trip: You can rent a car and drive from Perth to Albany. The distance is approximately 418kms (260 miles) via the Albany Highway. The journey offers a chance to explore the Western Australian landscape.
  • Coach Services: Various coach services operate between Perth and Albany, offering a comfortable and convenient option if you prefer not to drive. Check with different coach companies for schedules and availability.

Please keep in mind that travel options and availability may vary, and it's important to check with airlines, transportation providers, and relevant authorities for the latest information before planning your trip.

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