Taylor Inlet

North-east of Albany, Australia
Taylor Inlet, Nanarup, Western Australia

Taylor inlet is breathtaking... Located at the end of Nanarup Road, Taylor Inlet is on the south-side of Maitraya Resort Airstrip and the closest eastern beach to Maitraya Resort, the luxury resort of the South Coast of Western Australia.

A very popular 4 wheel driving location, during the right time of year a 4 wheel drive can drive from here all the way to Two Peoples Bay National Park fifteen kilometres to the north east (get proper advice before trying this yourself!).

A popular location for waterbirds, Taylor Inlet is a beautiful secluded Inlet at the western end of the Great Australian Bight.

Taylor Inlet is best accessed via Nanarup Beach.

Taylor Inlet, Nanarup Taylor Inlet, and Nanarup beach
Trees at Taylor Inlet, Nanarup
Taylor Inlet WA, Nanarup
Taylor Inlet, Western Australia Nanarup
Taylor Inlet, Nanarup
4 Wheel Driving from Taylor Inlet, Nanarup
4 Wheel Driving on Nanarup Beach

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