Forests of the Rainbow Coast

Walpole, Denmark & Albany, Western Australia

In the Southern Forests you will find some of the most ancient trees in the world.

Birts of the South Coast of Western Australia

The Giant Tingle Tree canopy can be viewed close-up at the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk at the Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre west of Denmark. Continuing west toward Walpole is the home of The Giant Tingle Tree, the oldest living eucalypt in the world.

Birts of the South Coast of Western Australia

The region's vegetation includes both towering karri and giant tingle but also includes seven hundred native species of plants and trees, making it one of the top ten areas of terrestrial biodiversity on the planet. (Aahh! It's fresh, fresh air.)

Click here for a FORESTS OF THE SOUTH COAST MAP which will show you the locations of the accessible forests of the Rainbow Coast. Remember, the coast requires our care and respect at all times.

Forests within the Albany Region

Though the Albany area is forested, the slightly different climate does not support the ancient giants (as easily). Native bottlebrush, banksia, combined with a rugged, ancient coastline lean more towards wildflowers. Torndirrup National Park is forested up until the cliffs, and are best viewed from Stony Hill. Visit the Albany Region


Dieback is a threat to the South West of Western Australia:

"Introduction of phytophthora dieback into the region has devastated many native plant communities and is threatening a number of rare plants with extinction."

How can you help?

Any activity which transfers soil or plant matter from one site to another site has the potential to spread the disease including:

Please be responsible for your impact by keeping your shoes and tyres clean and free from dirt before entering into a bush land or forested area. Thank you for taking the time to care for the trees.

Dieback South Coast Forests =

Forest Videos:

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