Ellen Cove is the southern end of Middleton Beach

Middleton Beach Ellen Cove

Ellen Cove

At the far southern end of Middleton Beach, where the bay wraps around the headland (King Point) is called Ellen Cove.

Sheltered from the strongest waves by King Head, Ellen Cove is a beautiful nook at the end of Middleton Beach.

The Ellen Cove Boardwalk climbs the hill to the south above Ellen Cove Jetty, with views over the King George Sound and Middleton Bay.

View our handy Albany Beaches Map and zoom in to see the Middleton Beach and Ellen Cove.

In the early years of Albany's settlement, Middleton Beach provided a handy spot to off-load supplies and stock onto shore as some of the larger boats could not navigate the entrance into Princess Royal Harbour (the main port). (*Wikipedia)

Ellen Cove is also sheltered from much of the wind which can be intense at times during the winter months as Mount Adelaide and King Point wrap around to protect it from the south and west.

Perfect really. No wonder people continue to have their holidays in Albany.

Ellen Cove Pier, Middleton Beach WA Ellen Cove Pier, Middleton Beach WA

ANZAC Centenary, Ellen Cove

Ellen Cove had a special memorial on the 1st Nov 2014 during the ANZAC Centenary Commerations in Albany.

Middleton Beach

Ellen Cove Boardwalk and Pier

A pier stretches north into Middleton Bay, and the Ellen Cove Boardwalk rises jently around Mount Adelaide.  Picnic benches, a cafe, toilets and showers and children's play park are all tucked safely in Ellen Cove.

There is even a pontoon (floating platform) out in the bay for jumping into the water.  Easily reached (if you're a good swimmer) from the beach.

The pontoon which is moored off of Middleton Beach at Ellen Cove is a popular place for swimming and diving.

Popular at School Holidays

During the summer months the Ellen Cove end of Middleton Beach is patrolled and the Ellen Cove Marine Enclosure is being constructed which will provide greater ocean safety.

The waves of Middleton Beach are enjoyable and tend to break some distance from the beach and roll in. The children's

Middleton Beach, Albany Australia Middleton Beach, Albany Australia
Ellen Cove Boardwalk Sign

Where is Ellen Cove?

Get to Ellen Cove at Middleton Beach: Follow Middleton Road east from anywhere in Albany City and you'll arrive at Middleton Beach at Ellen Cove.

Alternatively take Marine Drive from the Albany Waterfront around Mount Adelaide, past the Albany Heritage Park and down to Middleton Beach, right at Ellen Cove.

View a MAP of Middleton Beach to get your bearings.

King Head

A memorial has been constructed at the start of Ellen Cove Boardwalk which begins a beautiful gently sloping walk up and around King Head on Mount Adelaide.

Awesome views of King George Sound, Vancouver Peninsula and outlying barrier islands.

A lovely walk with incredible views, walk stops and shaded pavillions and lots of great southern fresh air.

If you follow the path, you will enter Ataturk Entrance (Ataturk Channel) and Princess Royal Harbour.

Middleton Beach, Albany, Australia Middleton Beach, Albany, Australia

Picnic at Ellen Cove, Middleton Beach

Picnic Benches, Middleton Beach, Albany Australia

There is also a delightful terraced area where you can picnic in the shade overlooking the beach.  A dozen benches and picnic tables offer great views of the length of Middleton Beach. See all the way to Emu Point.

Picnic Benches, Middleton Beach, Albany Australia

Ellen Cove Boardwalk Trail

The trail from Ellen Cove leads around Mount Adelaide where Princess Royal Fortress and the National ANZAC Centre are located, and ending in Albany's CBD, the Albany Entertainment Centre and Albany Harbour.

This is a mixed walking/biking trail and is one of the best we've biked along.  If you love biking, start at Emu Point, cycle the Middleton Beach Cycle Trail, and continue up and around Mt Adelaide through Ataturk Channel.

Ellen Cove Path, Middleton Beach, Albany Australia

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Attractions around Middleton Beach

Ataturk Channel Ataturk Channel
Ataturk Channel connects King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour allowing safe access to the Port of Albany. Visit Ataturk Channel
Emu Point Emu Point
The northern end of Middleton Beach, on the shores of Oyster Harbour at the channel to King George Sound. Visit Emu Point
Middleton Beach Middleton Beach
The most popular beach in Albany. Swim or relax under the trees. Cafes and amenities. Visit Middleton Beach
Ellen Cove Ellen Cove
Ellen Cove, Ellen Cove Boardwalk and Ellen Cove Pier are at the far southern end of Middleton Beach, Albany. Visit Ellen Cove

King Point & King George Sound

Walk the beautiful Ellen Cove Boardwalk and get amazing views of Middleton Beach.

The boardwalk is a pleasant shallow slope up and around the point with incredible views of King George Sound, Vancouver Peninsula and the outlying islands. Looking North the you'll see Gull Rock National Park and Two Peoples Bay in the distance.

The Ellen Cove Boardwalk converts to a well sealed walking and biking trail wrapping around Mount Adelaide into Ataturk Channel and arriving finally at the Albany Harbour on Princess Royal Harbour.

The entrance to Princess Royal Harbour is called Ataturk Entrance, named after Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Commander in Chief of the Turkish forces at Gallipoli.

Aerial Photograph of Middleton Beach and Middleton Bay

Whale watching from the shore

This trail is THE place for Whale Watching (June-Oct) from land.

Alternatively, drive along Marine Drive (up the mountain from the roundabout at the southern end of the beach) which has large lookout locations and parking spaces for drivers wishing to get amazing views and see whales!

Middleton Beach provides an easily accessible location for viewing Southern Right and Humpback whales during their annual migration to the Southern Ocean.

Whales enter the bay to rest and can sometimes be seen as close as 20-30 metres from the shore or frolicking out in the deeper waters of the bay. ~ (*Wikipedia)

More information on Whale Watching in Albany

Whales at Middleton Beach in Middleton Bay Whale Watching Platform, King Point

ANZAC Memorial - November 1st, 2014

From the Ellen Cove Boardwalk we watched the Naval Reenactment of when the ANZAC troops left Albany for Gallipoli on November 1st, 1914.

Map to Ellen Cove and Middleton Beach

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