Albany Farmers Market


Princess Royal Fortress Princess Royal Fortress
One of the best outdoor military museums in Australia. The Fortress is within the Albany Heritage Park, atop Mount Adelaide. Visit Princess Royal Fortress
Albany Regional Map Albany Regional Map
Map of the Albany Region and a regional overview. Visit Albany Regional Map
Albany City & Surrounds Map Albany City & Surrounds Map
Map of Attractions and places to visit in Albany City & surrounds. Visit Albany City & Surrounds Map
Albany Beaches Map Albany Beaches Map
Map of all the popular Beaches in Albany WA. Visit Albany Beaches Map
Albany Heritage Park Albany Heritage Park
The heritage park consists of the parklands and monuments of Mount Clarence and Mount Adelaide including the National ANZAC Centre. Visit Albany Heritage Park
Torndirrup National Park Map Torndirrup National Park Map
Map of the attractions of Torndirrup National Park and Surrounds. Visit Torndirrup National Park Map
West Cape Howe National Park Map West Cape Howe National Park Map
West Cape Howe Map of Attractions and Places to Visit Visit West Cape Howe National Park Map
Two Peoples Bay NP Map Two Peoples Bay NP Map
Map of the attractions when visiting Two Peoples Bay NP. Visit Two Peoples Bay NP Map
Ataturk Channel Ataturk Channel
Ataturk Channel connects King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour allowing safe access to the Port of Albany. Visit Ataturk Channel
Emu Point Emu Point
The northern end of Middleton Beach, on the shores of Oyster Harbour at the channel to King George Sound. Visit Emu Point
Torndirrup National Park Torndirrup National Park
Including The Gap, Natural Bridge, The Blowholes, Jimmy Newells Harbour, Stony Hill, Cable Beach & Stony Hill. Visit Torndirrup National Park
West Cape Howe National Park West Cape Howe National Park
Containing the southernmost point of Western Australia this national park is astounding. Visit West Cape Howe National Park
Two Peoples Bay Heritage Trail Two Peoples Bay Heritage Trail
Heritage Trail from the Visitors Centre to Little Beach Visit Two Peoples Bay Heritage Trail
Shelley Beach Shelley Beach
Turquoise waters, verdant surrounds and ocean breeze make this beach a popular yet remote destination. Visit Shelley Beach
Natural Bridge Natural Bridge
The Natural Bridge is a granite formation caused by the gradual wearing away of the rock by the Great Southern Ocean. Visit Natural Bridge
Cosy Corner Cosy Corner
White beaches plus camping facilities and lots of picnic benches. Cosy Corner is cosy indeed. Located just east of West Cape National Park between Albany and Denmark. Visit Cosy Corner
Brig Amity Replica Brig Amity Replica
Experience the first settlers arrival in Albany, the first settlement in Western Australia, from onboard a replica of the Amity. Visit Brig Amity Replica
Ataturk Memorial Ataturk Memorial
Ataturk Memorial stands prominently above Point King overlooking Ataturk Channel. The memorial offers amazing views of the channel. Visit Ataturk Memorial
Middleton Beach Middleton Beach
The most popular beach in Albany. Swim or relax under the trees. Cafes and amenities. Visit Middleton Beach
Little Beach Little Beach
This gorgeous beach is approximately 25 kilometres north east of Albany in Two Peoples Bay National Park. Visit Little Beach
Shelley Beach Lookout Shelley Beach Lookout
A beautiful scenic lookout with hang gliding and paragliding platforms. Visit Shelley Beach Lookout
Waterfall Beach at Two Peoples Bay Waterfall Beach at Two Peoples Bay
A small waterfall winds its way from the heathland to beautiful turquoise waters. Visit Waterfall Beach at Two Peoples Bay
Bibbulmun Track Bibbulmun Track
The Bibbulmun Track stretches from Kalamunda in the Perth hills to Albany, through many locations in the heart of the Rainbow Coast. Visit Bibbulmun Track
WA Museum Albany WA Museum Albany
The Western Australian Museum Albany has exhibitions and information on the natural and social history of the region. Visit WA Museum Albany
The Gap The Gap
An impressive rugged granite channel carved by the Great Southern Ocean waves crashing against the granite coastline forming a spectacular sheer drop of almost 25 metres. Visit The Gap
Albany Wind Farm Albany Wind Farm
Beautiful and productive green energy from the wind of the Torndirrup, just outside Albany City towards Frenchman Bay. Visit Albany Wind Farm
Ellen Cove Ellen Cove
Ellen Cove, Ellen Cove Boardwalk and Ellen Cove Pier are at the far southern end of Middleton Beach, Albany. Visit Ellen Cove
Albany Accommodation Albany Accommodation
Our Albany Accommodation Guide includes the friendliest service-oriented accommodation providers who truly wish you to have a pleasureable holiday. Visit Albany Accommodation
Albany Agricultural Show Albany Agricultural Show
The Albany Show happens at the Albany Showgrounds, corner of Lockyer & Cockburn Rds in November each year. Visit Albany Agricultural Show
City of Albany City of Albany
Located between the hills of Mount Melville and Mount Clarence, the Nestled along the Princess Royal Harbour & King George Sound. Visit City of Albany
Albany Farmers Market Albany Farmers Market
Saturday mornings. Fresh fruit and veggies from local growers. Organic produce available. Visit Albany Farmers Market
Forsyth Bluff Forsyth Bluff
This eastern most end of the National Park is rugged with large waves and waist to head high heathland. Visit Forsyth Bluff
Albany Pier (Cruises & Whale Watching) Albany Pier (Cruises & Whale Watching)
Albany Pier for embarking on a whale watching tour. Visit Albany Pier (Cruises & Whale Watching)
Albany Region Albany Region
The Albany Region of Western Australia is a land of mountains and waterways. An amazing region to explore. Visit Albany Region
Albany WA History Albany WA History
Albany, is the oldest permanently settled town in Western Australia. Visit Albany WA History
Anvil Beach Anvil Beach
Anvil Beach is a beautiful beach on the south side of Nullaki Peninsula on the Great Southern Ocean. Visit Anvil Beach
ANZAC Desert Mounted Corps Memorial ANZAC Desert Mounted Corps Memorial
ANZAC Desert Mounted Corps Memorial sits atop Mount Clarence. Visit ANZAC Desert Mounted Corps Memorial
Beaches of the Coast Beaches of the Coast
The beaches along the southern coast of Western Australia are as diverse as the land surrounding them. Every one is beautiful. Visit Beaches of the Coast
Bettys Beach at Manypeaks Bettys Beach at Manypeaks
This campsite has two camping areas. Follow the signs. It is also possible to camp on the beach past the rocks that divide the beach and cove. Visit Bettys Beach at Manypeaks
Birds Birds
The birdlife along the Rainbow Coast is amazing and includes several species of birds which can be found no where else on earth. Visit Birds
Boiler Bay Beach Boiler Bay Beach
Walk along Ledge Beach on Boiler Bay in the Gull Rock National Park and view the top of the Awhina Shipwreck. Visit Boiler Bay Beach
Cable Beach Cable Beach
In the middle of the beach is a giant boulder which was lifted by the sea and placed onto the beach by the force of the waves. Visit Cable Beach
Centre Road Campground Centre Road Campground
Twenty km northwest of Walpole. Surrounded by dense forest the basic camping facilities include a shelter hut along with limited tent sites. Visit Centre Road Campground
Cosy Corner Campground Cosy Corner Campground
This secluded camping area next to the beach has ten sites set around the trees. There are picnic benches and there is a shady grassed area. Visit Cosy Corner Campground
East Bay Road Campground East Bay Road Campground
This secluded camping area on Two People Bay. Fish and swim or simply relax and take in the magnificent views. Visit East Bay Road Campground
Flood Gates Torbay Inlet Rd Campground Flood Gates Torbay Inlet Rd Campground
Free campground maintained by the City of Albany and is free for seven days. No pets no water no fires. Visit Flood Gates Torbay Inlet Rd Campground
Former HMAS Perth Dive Wreck Former HMAS Perth Dive Wreck
The Location of the Former HMAS Perth Dive Wreck for scuba divers. Visit Former HMAS Perth Dive Wreck
Frenchman Bay Frenchman Bay
Located on the southern side of King George Sound this beautiful setting has a grassy picnic area, BBQs and boat launch. Ideal beachfront location for a great day out! Visit Frenchman Bay
Gull Rock National Park Gull Rock National Park
25k east of Albany, Gull Rock National Park is a reserve for many endangered animals, trees and birds. Visit Gull Rock National Park
Gull Rock National Park Map Gull Rock National Park Map
Map of attractions when visiting Gull Rock National Park Visit Gull Rock National Park Map
Hillier Beach Hillier Beach
Hillier Beach, on Hillier Bay, is located less than a kilometre South of Parry Beach along Parry Beach Road. Visit Hillier Beach
Hilltop Lookout Hilltop Lookout
On Hilltop Road, east of Walpole. Overlooking the Nornalup Inlet and Frankland River. Rocky Head and Saddle Island can be seen in the distance. Visit Hilltop Lookout
Inlets and Waterways Inlets and Waterways
The inlets and river systems support a vast variety of birds, reptiles and water creatures. They are a vital part of the southern ecosystem. Visit Inlets and Waterways
Irwin Inlet Irwin Inlet
Irwin Inlet carves the sandbars at Peaceful Bay due to the swift flow into the Southern Ocean. Visit Irwin Inlet
Jimmy Newells Harbour Jimmy Newells Harbour
Jimmy Newells Lookout provides a breathtaking view of the harbour and great southern ocean. Visit Jimmy Newells Harbour
Misery Beach Albany Misery Beach Albany
Misery Beach is a hidden gem on the southern coast of Western Australia known for stunning natural beauty and a tranquil atmosphere. Visit Misery Beach Albany
Nanarup Beach Nanarup Beach
With picnic and barbecues, and easy stairway access, it is a delightful place to stop for lunch. Visit Nanarup Beach
National Parks National Parks
The south coast has an abundance of National Parks each distinct and unique. Wonderful walks, amazing views and gorgeous natural beauty. Visit National Parks
National Parks Map National Parks Map
Stretching from Walpole to Albany the national parks are easily accessed. View our South Coast National Parks Map to get your bearings. Visit National Parks Map
Normans Beach Normans Beach
This foreshore camp ground provides a secluded beach setting surrounded by coastal scrub. Visit Normans Beach
Oyster Harbour Oyster Harbour
Oyster Harbour, on the north eastern side of Albany flows into the King George Sound past Emu Point. Visit Oyster Harbour
Point Possession Heritage Trail Point Possession Heritage Trail
This three to four hour return loop walk out and around the northern end of Flinders Peninsula is incredible. Visit Point Possession Heritage Trail
Rainbow Coast Beaches Map Rainbow Coast Beaches Map
One map with all the beaches on the South Coast of Western Australia. Visit Rainbow Coast Beaches Map
Rainbows Rainbows
The coast is perfectly placed to see Rainbows! And perfectly named. Green trees, mountains, forests beaches, and winter rainbows. Visit Rainbows
Salmon Holes Salmon Holes
Salmon Holes in Torndirrup NP offers incredible views from the lookout or descend to the white beach. Popular beach and rock fishing location. Visit Salmon Holes
Scenic Flights Scenic Flights
An ideal whale to see the coast... from above! Fly above 'The Gap' and the 'Natural Bridge' formations. We enjoyed Scenic Flight above Albany Visit Scenic Flights
Scuba Diving Tours Scuba Diving Tours
Albany dive sites offer drop offs into colourful canyons. See caves and wrecks and seals and whales. HMAS Perth is a must. Visit Scuba Diving Tours
Seasons of the Coast Seasons of the Coast
You will find a Seasons Calendar with Wildflower and a Whales to help you plan your visit to the South Coast - The Rainbow Coast! Visit Seasons of the Coast
Shelley Beach Campground Shelley Beach Campground
Shelley Beach bush is a small natural coastal campsite with limited space for trailers. Beautiful white pristine sandy beach and walking trails all around. Visit Shelley Beach Campground
Sinker Reef Sinker Reef
It is easy to see why it was given this name as the jagged black rocks rise in rows along the entire stretch of coastline. Visit Sinker Reef
South Coast Beaches Map South Coast Beaches Map
South Coast Beaches from west of Walpole to East of Albany all on one map! Visit South Coast Beaches Map
South Coast Weather South Coast Weather
The climate of the Rainbow Coast is considered to be "the best in the world," according to those who live here. Visit South Coast Weather
Southern Forests Southern Forests
Along the South Coast you will find some of the most fascinating forests in the world including jarrah, karri, red and yellow tingle forests. Visit Southern Forests
Stony Hill Stony Hill
Stony Hill has a fabulous 500m fairly level circular walk which offers spectacular 360 degree views. Visit Stony Hill
Taylor Inlet Taylor Inlet
Taylor Inlet near Nanarup is a winding Inlet, home to many species of waterbirds. Visit Taylor Inlet
The Blowholes The Blowholes
The Blowholes are crevasses in the granite stretching down to sea level far below. With each wave the holes blow air and water up the channel. Visit The Blowholes
Top 10 Places to Visit Top 10 Places to Visit
Filled with many magical and majestic natural wonders, the best places are on the coast to enjoy... Visit Top 10 Places to Visit
Top Beaches Top Beaches
Pristine, clean and just like paradise. Swim in the rock pools, swim in clear waters, secluded bays, or snorkel around giant boulders all on the Rainbow Coast. Visit Top Beaches
Top Biking Locations Top Biking Locations
Top locations along the coast to start a bike ride. Tap the markers for information about the locations on the Map below. Visit Top Biking Locations
Top Historical Locations Top Historical Locations
The Rainbow Coast is a historical destination. These are the most historical places to visit. Tap the markers for information about the locations on the Map below. Visit Top Historical Locations
Top Picnic Spots Top Picnic Spots
Looking for a nice picnic spot, try these favourite picnic locations along the coast. Tap the markers for information about the locations on the Map below. Visit Top Picnic Spots
Top Places for Dogs Top Places for Dogs
If you have brought your four legged friend with you on holiday then you will need to know when you can take them for exercise and fun. Visit Top Places for Dogs
Top Places for Elders Top Places for Elders
Accessible and elder-friendly locations along the south coast. Tap the markers for information about the locations on the Map below. Visit Top Places for Elders
Top Places to Take Kids Top Places to Take Kids
Kids love it on the Rainbow Coast. The spectacular coastline is family friendly and welcoming. Visit Top Places to Take Kids
Top Surf Spots Top Surf Spots
The waters of the spectacular Rainbow Coast are very tempting and there are quite a few places to catch the waves. Visit Top Surf Spots
Top Views Top Views
Unique views of the south coast of Western Australia.Driving, biking, running, or strolling through The Rainbow Coast Region offers incredible views. Visit Top Views
Torbay Head Torbay Head
Torbay Head is the southern most point of Western Australia Visit Torbay Head
Torbay Inlet Torbay Inlet
Many people find Torbay to be one of the most relaxing and peaceful places along this stretch of coastline. Visit Torbay Inlet
Two Peoples Bay NP Two Peoples Bay NP
Located approximately 25 kilometres north-east of Albany. Rediscovery of the presumed extinct noisy scrub-bird. Visit Two Peoples Bay NP
Walking Tours Walking Tours
A range of options for walks along the south coast of Western Australia including walks along the Bibbulmun track and more. Visit Walking Tours
Walks and Trails Walks and Trails
World class walks through Albany, Denmark and Walpole. Walk over mountains, forests, beaches, rugged coastline and wilderness. Visit Walks and Trails
Waychinicup Inlet Camping Area Waychinicup Inlet Camping Area
9 tent sites some walk in only. The facilities are basic you need to bring drinking water and a gas or fuel stove but the coastal location is picturesque. Visit Waychinicup Inlet Camping Area
Whale Watching Whale Watching
The sheltered waters are ideal for young whales preparing to take the journey south to the southern ocean surrounding Antarctica. We recommend Whale Watching Visit Whale Watching
Wildflowers Wildflowers
Wildflowers along the south coast tend to appear between August and December each year, although other varieties bloom throughout the year. Visit Wildflowers

Fresh Local Produce in Albany

The Albany Farmer's Market is located on Collie Street in Albany, Western Australia. View a Map to the Farmer's Market. Open for business from 8am to 12 noon every Saturday the markets provide fresh, local seasonal fruits, veggies, and produce. Now over seven years old, the Farmer's Market should be proud of it's consistent high quality and sustainability.

We vist the markets every fortnight, driving from our home in Denmark to fill our baskets and bags with the delicious range of fruits and vegetables on offer.

Albany Farmers Market - Sign

Year Round, Great Selection

Even in mid-winter the stalls offer a great selection of winter produce. Highly recommended!

The market's website says that it's the place "Where Real Farmers from their farms down the road come an sell REAL fresh produce they have grown themselves every saturday morning."

Albany Farmers Market, Albany
Albany Farmer's Market Stall, Veggie Stalls

You can find more information on the markets at the Albany Farmer's Market Website.

Albany Farmers Market - Buskers Albany Farmers Market - Market Stalls
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